Planets and Stars

Basic Knowledge about Planets and Stars in Tamil Astrological System.

In Tamil Astrology the planets and stars are classified as follows.  Though there are several planets and stars and even separate and multiple solar systems around the universal galaxy,  Tamil astrology has the count of only nine planets as per our solar system and in that 9 planets 2 planets are considered as Invisible Planets.  Tamil astrology counts these nine planets from the earth point of view around the present solar system. It is said, that radiation, velocity, viscosity, gravitation and rotational speed of every planet, minerals and gases in such planets are taken into account to provide a better prediction about horoscope charts in this earth.

Role of Planets and Stars in Human Life. 

Its not scientifically proven that, the lifestyle, ups and downs, or good and bad of a human life are only as per the surrounding planets in a solar system.  But the ancient people used and even proved the movement of planets plays major role in our life.

The Concept of this portals Author:

As per anatomy and physiology of a human body, the Peneal Gland located in brain has the greatest relationship with the Universe and Galaxy. Like Wifi signals communicating everywhere human brain has connection with every planets and it’s output.

 The author believe that every event, maybe good or bad for a human being, relies on movement of the planet.

The following are there list of planets according to the traditional astrology in our solar system now.

1. Sun

2. Moon 

3. Mercury

4. Saturn

5. Mars

6. Jupiter

7. Venus

8. Raghu ( Invisible planet – just a shadow)

9. Kethu ( Invisible planet – just a shadow)

The above all the planets ruling out the beings in the earth which is called as Zodiac. In addition to that, the following are the stars which plays additional roles for the mathematical calculations and predictions according to the vedic astrology in Tamil.