This Astrology portal is collection of Astro experts of several location of India. The Ancient Vedic Astrology predictions and horoscope readings and astrological theories and calculations are the main content of this Astro Portal. Users shall register and access the Astro Center where its will be easy for them to find a suitable Astrologist, who may be near to their location. This concept is recently started, so it will take some months to see more Astro of different locations.

This Astrology portal will be with: a. Tamil Astrology related contents. b. Astro Corner which helps to find Several Astrologers of different locations of All over India. c. Predictions based on Tamil Astrology.

What you shall do in this portal?: You shall read astrology related contents and you shall also visit Astro Center where you shall find your area or renowned astrologers of any location of India.

When you visit Astro Corner choose the right astro who knows your language. Astro use to predict horoscope chart both for free and paid. Some may predict horoscope completely for free and some astro may charge you money for their own Horoscope predictions. This portal is not involving any collection of money

This portal is sponsored by AOS which deals with IT Solutions and Data Information. It dedicates this platform to Astrologers and users as their Marketing Platform.